Costumes By Design


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Where the focus is on costume, modeling and makeup of cosplay.

Owner: Jan Lamm

Possible Lecture Topics:

  • What Cosplay Character Is Best Suited To My Body Type
  • Simple Costume Concepts For Creating Dramatic Effect
  • How To Convert A Two Dimensional Character To My Three Dimensional Self
  • The Cape (TV series) An In Depth Look At The Actual Garments Worn By The Actor
  • Remembering the Details: A Look at Jewelry, Shoes, Weapons and Wands etc.
  • Instant Recognition: How To Achieve Character Recognition
  • How To Choose the Best Sewing Patterns for Cosplay
  • What Fabrics To Avoid When Costuming
  • How To Choose The Best Cape Pattern For My Cosplay
  • Tips and Tricks: How I make My Living On eBay

Biography of sewing:   I was given a pink sewing machine for my 4th birthday.  I clearly remember sewing a little crooked pink dress for my dolly.  I’ve literally worn sewing machines out from use. At age 14 I had a work-study job with school, I sewed with an ancient tailor (well, he seemed ancient to me at the time).  I made my first men’s suit at 16.   I started sewing professionally at age 18.  If it can be sewn I’ve probably sewn it. Now as a grandmother I have the pleasure of sewing for my grandchildren.

The award I am most proud of is a Sweepstakes award. At the time I thought it was just a lovely big ribbon (it was later explained to me that Sweepstakes was awarded rarely, my entry, beat every other Best of Show in All categories across the board.  I still get a little choked up when I think of it. At this period of my life I was a mother of tweens and a toddler, it felt so good to be valued for my own work.

I teach on a one-to-one basis, the rare student who is interested in garment construction.  I am also available to mentor IU design students who are struggling with the garment construction portion of their degree.

Winner: (in partnership with Golden Needle Award 2015, GenCon

The Blue Studio established 2019

An open studio for people of all abilities

I teach sewing, crafting, painting - individually and to groups